Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service

Why Choose a Referral Agency

A domestic referral agency connects independent domestic workers or housekeepers with clients who need their services. This makes the process of finding or hiring a housekeeper a lot easier and faster. Hiring a housekeeper through Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service is as easy as requesting services from an agency, with the freedom and flexibility of scheduling household help either at regularly scheduled intervals or on an as-needed basis. Our business model simplifies the process for both clients and housekeepers.

Referral Agencies Give You Options

Going straight to a private housekeeper means you have only one person to rely on for all your domestic services. With a referral agency like Dana's, you get access to an entire team of domestic workers and our local office staff , so Dana's services are available when you need them – seven days a week. We can even find someone for same or next day services, and automatically schedule a substitute if your housekeeper is ever unable to make a scheduled appointment. Similarly, we can refer additional housekeepers for large or time-sensitive projects. We also offer a wider range of expertise and services that exceed standard household cleaning. That's a level of support that a private housekeeper can't provide on their own.

Referral Agencies are Client Advocates

Hiring an independent housekeeper through a referral agency reduces the amount of paperwork on your end, as well as a lot of the responsibility. When working directly with a private housekeeper, you must sit down to discuss the contract, duties, payments and scheduling, as well as handling any rescheduling when you require a date change or your housekeeper is sick, has personal business or for holiday service. Referral agencies take care of all of this for you. Our local manager will discuss your requirements with you, and then coordinate everything.

Hiring an independent housekeeper on your own means managing the hiring, firing, and scheduling yourself. You must take the initiative to check their work history and references, do background checks, and check their eligibility to work in the US Hiring through our referral agency cuts all of that out, so you get someone trustworthy and experienced without the hassle of doing all of the work yourself . If your housekeeper is out sick or is unable to make your scheduled appointment, we make sure a substitute housekeeper is referred. .

Dana's also takes care of management and support services. Once your regular services are scheduled, we will coordinate everything. You will receive calls from us for any necessary rescheduling around holidays or sick days, and the local manager will always be available to personally handle any of your requests for changes or additional services. If at any time you have concerns regarding your service, we will work to resolve the issue. . If an issue can't be resolved, or simply be request, we will refer a housekeeper who better suits your needs.

Referral Agencies Support Independent Providers

All this flexibility isn't just good for clients, it's also great for housekeepers. Referral agencies allow housekeepers the freedom to maintain their own schedules while increasing their earnings. Rather than being stuck to one home and depending on a sole employer for their income, they have the ability to juggle multiple clients and get the most out of their skills and time. It's also easier for them to plan days off or take sick leave, because they know there will be someone to cover their clients.

Becoming a private housekeeper requires you to run your own domestic services business, which can be extremely stressful. Working through a referral agency like Dana's takes the pressure of finding clients, marketing their skills, and generally managing a business off their shoulders and lets them focus on the job they want to do: providing excellent housekeeping services. We help housekeepers who don't know where to start building referrals. Most private housekeepers depend on a regular clients or word of mouth for their labor, but we help them find new clients just as we help you find the right housekeeper.

Referral Agencies Make Economic Sense

Referral agencies are also good for the economy, the housekeeper, and the client. They reduce the underground economy, or gray market, by bringing housekeeping services out of the shadows. Housekeepers who would otherwise be working for private employers are able to operate in the general market. That's good news for California, which reports a loss of $6.5 billion in tax revenue every year from the underground market.

Referral agencies empower independent domestic workers. Through Dana's housekeepers have the ability to work for multiple households. This gives them a chance to maximize their earning potential while maintaining their own schedules in the process. They can balance their personal and professional obligations to create the career and lifestyle that best suits them. Dana's also helps housekeepers simplify the annual revenue reporting process by providing them with 1099's to help them file their taxes at the end of the year.

Ultimately, more of your money goes to your housekeeper. Domestic Referral Agencies operate with minimal overhead costs. We do not have to maintain as much on-site staff or micro-manage our housekeepers, so we're able to pass on these savings to our clients . With only the essential support staff roles, we can also direct more of the money you pay for services to the housekeepers providing it. This keeps costs lower for the client and income higher for the housekeepers.

Support on Both Ends

Referral agencies like Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service simplify the process for everyone involved and bring only the necessary elements of agency support into the picture, and allow the clients and housekeepers to focus on the job at hand. Clients can engage housekeepers who will perform virtually any household task and work from their priority list, for an affordable cost. Housekeepers can access clients through the agency while enjoying the freedom to create their own schedule and the ability to increase their earnings. Dana's referral agency takes care of the back-end support that keeps both parties happy with the flexibility of both services and scheduling.