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Top Housekeeping Referrals for the City of Santa Clarita

A clean residence is one of life’s most basic necessities. This fact clearly applies to homeowners, who must cope with the unfortunate personal consequences of messy, disorganized spaces. However, it also applies just as much to property managers — who constantly need to rent vacant houses and apartments — as well as realtors, who constantly need to promote their most recent listings. When time constraints and other concerns make it impossible for these three groups to handle cleaning responsibilities on their own, they must turn to housekeepers to fill the gap. Unfortunately, it can be quite a challenge to find reliable housekeepers capable of fitting your particular needs or schedule.

In the City of Santa Clarita and other communities in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, the trusted name in professional housekeeper referral is Dana’s Housekeeping. For 50 years, we’ve provided area residents and businesses with the flexibility needed to meet their housecleaning responsibilities while maximizing their convenience and minimizing their costs. With California’s largest referral network and over 5 million successful cleanings accomplished, we stand head and shoulders above all other verified service providers.

Services for Homeowners

Almost no one in today’s world has enough time to meet their full slate of cleaning responsibilities while keeping their schedules clear for relaxation, recreational activity and shared experiences with family and friends. For homeowners, one of the main reasons for this situation is the square footage of the typical house, which has expanded to unprecedented size since the 1990s. With more space to clean than ever before, it may seem like there’s simply no way to achieve something that you once took for granted: a household that meets your personal standards for organization and cleanliness.

Instead of spending precious time on household chores or fretting over a lack of adequate cleanliness, homeowners in Santa Clarita can call on Dana’s Housekeeping for the finest in verified housekeeper referrals. That’s because we offer unequaled access to a pool of seasoned, professional providers whose skills match the needs of your particular household, and whose schedules fit neatly into your own. Whether you need ongoing deep or general cleanings, or simply need one-time or occasional help to get through rough patches, we’ll provide you with a list of appropriate options for your selection. Unlike most referral services, we can also connect you with housekeeping professionals who do much more than just clean. Need help with room or whole-house organization? We’ll connect you with a specialist in this area. Other common requests include the use of non-irritating chemicals and accommodation of people with serious or severe allergies.

No one else in all of California maintains a referral network as large as Dana’s. In addition, we make this vast pool of talent available strictly on a local level. This means that you’ll never have to worry about finding a suitable housekeeping professional in your area. What’s more, our system allows us to control costs and make sure that our offerings fall within a budget-friendly price range.

Services for Property Managers

Like rental property managers all across America, managers in Santa Clarita typically put housekeeping needs high on their list of ongoing priorities. This makes perfect sense, since most prospective tenants expect to be shown well-kept, well-maintained apartments and houses when selecting their rental options. Unfortunately, the demands of property upkeep can place a significant strain on property manager’s limited time and financial resources. That’s true because the need for a qualified housekeeping staff can conflict with the need to control overall business costs.

Instead of trying to choose between clean rental properties and fiscal responsibility, you can achieve both of these objectives with the help of Dana’s Housekeeping. Our specialized services for property managers are based on providing you with flexible staffing options from a top-quality pool of housekeeping professionals. These professionals adapt to your scheduling and cleaning needs, allowing you to avoid common hassles such as making seasonal changes to your staff size and dealing with explained or unexplained absences. In addition, our budget-friendly approach helps you keep your bottom line in order.

Services for Realtors

Like property managers, realtors ignore housekeeping responsibilities at their peril. That’s because, like tenants looking for suitable rental options, people in the market for a new home usually place heavy importance on the cosmetic appearance of the properties they view. All things being equal, few things can turn off a prospective buyer like a poorly kept home interior. While realtors must make every effort to avoid making an unfavorable first impression, they often have a hard time meeting their housekeeping needs while balancing all other business considerations.

In Santa Clarita, realtors can take a shortcut to reliable housekeeping services by turning to Dana’s Housekeeping. Instead of struggling to find qualified housekeepers who can meet your scheduling and cleaning needs, you’ll enjoy the freedom to create a customized plan that adjusts to your changing requirements. Need general cleaning for one property, but deep cleaning for another? We’ll connect you with just the right combination of experienced providers. Need emergency help for an unexpected situation? We’ll arrange every detail with unparalleled speed. This flexibility extends to services not normally associated with cleaning and other housekeeping responsibilities. One common special request from realtors is provision of a staff capable of setting up and managing open houses.

Santa Clarita’s Housekeeping Choice

Situated north of Los Angeles in Santa Clarita Valley, Santa Clarita is California’s 17th largest city and Los Angeles County’s third largest. It was established in the mid-1980s through the joining of four previously unincorporated areas. These areas still retain their distinct identities, and this fact gives Santa Clarita and its roughly 219,000 residents a unique municipal character. Neighboring points of interest include Six Flags Magic Mountain and the California Institute of the Arts. Residents can also take advantage of 17 parks, more than 32 miles of trails and 3,000-plus acres of open-access land within the city limits.

Dana’s Housekeeping maintains a San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley office a few miles south of Santa Clarita in Reseda. This dedicated facility serves as a hub for all local services to homeowners, property managers and realtors. With just a brief call, you can make customized arrangements for general cleaning projects, deep cleaning projects or special projects not directly related to cleaning. You can also determine your scheduling down to the finest detail. Make arrangements months in advance, or if circumstances dictate, call us on short notice. In either case, you’ll receive the same access to verified professionals whose skills match your needs. You’ll also receive our time-tested guarantee for quality services, as well as our reasonable pricing options and commitment to your short- and long-term satisfaction. Contact us today for a consultation and free estimate for your household or business.