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Reseda’s Source for Quality Housekeeping Referrals

Housekeeping responsibilities can weigh heavily on the minds of homeowners, as well as professionals in the property management and realty fields. Some people struggle for months or years to balance these responsibilities against other demands on their time and money. And even if they do manage to make suitable housekeeping arrangements, unforeseen circumstances can quickly render these arrangements obsolete or unaffordable.

In Reseda, homeowners, realtors and property managers can take the stress and guesswork out of housekeeping services by turning to the industry leaders at Dana’s Housekeeping. Through half a century of dedication and hard work, we’ve developed California’s best and most extensive network of verified, professional housekeepers. And every day, we use this network to support your needs through our conveniently situated local offices. Whether you’re a homeowner, realtor or property manager, you’ll find that our customized services provide you with the best possible combination of quality and affordability.

Homeowner Services

Time is one of the rarest luxuries in the modern world. No matter where you live, you probably find it difficult to squeeze every task you need to accomplish into your busy daily schedule. This means that some things inevitably go undone, either temporarily or on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, one of the common casualties of modern life’s widespread time squeeze is basic household upkeep. This problem has only grown worse as the average size of the American home has crept steadily higher over the last several decades.

If you’re one of the many Los Angeles-area homeowners who never seem to get housecleaning chores firmly under control, let Dana’s Housekeeping show you a straightforward, reliable way to turn things around. With our longstanding network of professional, specialized housekeepers, we can easily match you with a local provider who possesses the skills you need and fits into your desired schedule. We can accommodate any level of service, from one-off cleanings and general monthly cleanings to weekly deep cleanings. Our deep roster of referrals also gives us the ability to match you with housekeepers capable of fulfilling requests for special talents such as advanced organizational skill or the ability to clean safely in households with allergy sufferers or people with chemical sensitivities.

Dana’s Housekeeping provides homeowners with direct access to California’s number one housekeeper referral network. In addition, we channel all referrals through our many regional offices. This means that residents of Reseda get the best of both worlds and can draw from an unmatched pool of local housekeeping talent. It also means that we can establish a pricing structure that reduces your end cost without diminishing the quality of the work you receive.

Property Manager Services

Housekeeping needs are constantly on the minds of most rental property managers. That’s because the ability to keep vacant properties clean and neat typically has a major impact on the ability to attract financially qualified short- and long-term tenants. Unfortunately, the need to keep vacant homes and apartments suitably clean can conflict with the budgetary burdens of maintaining a permanent housekeeping staff. For this reason, property managers must sometimes choose their priorities with extreme care.

Let Dana’s Housekeeping ease your housekeeping burden with our specialized services for the managers of rental property. These services are designed with two main objectives in mind. First, we make it easy for you to hire housekeepers only when you need them, without any need to keep a permanent staff or deal with the inevitable hassles of unexpected absences, conflicting schedules or seasonal staffing adjustments. At the same time, our affordable pricing makes it possible for you to escape the painful financial drain that often comes with keeping a permanent staff on your payroll.

Realtor Services

Realtors share two key things in common with rental property managers: the need to keep their property listings in a condition that appeals to qualified applicants, and the need to keep a lid on their overall business expenses. In fact, given the amount of money on the line for realtors with each and every property, the burden of meeting these needs may seem even more intense. Still, realtors frequently struggle to find a reliable source for their fluctuating, often unpredictable housekeeping needs.

Dana’s Housekeeping provides realtors in Reseda with a simple, reliable and affordable

method of finding suitable housekeeping services. Through our extensive network of qualified contacts, you can find professionals capable of supporting the unique and changing needs of your business. If you wish, you can hire generalists who cover a broad range of cleaning tasks according to your schedule. You can also hire deep cleaning specialists to help you deal with problems at specific properties. Our customization options can also take you far beyond tasks typically associated with housekeeping. For example, we can help you assemble open house staffs capable of managing every aspect of these crucial buyer-identifying events.

The Housekeeping Choice in Reseda

First established in the early 20th century, Reseda was once an independent San Fernando Valley town. It now forms part of the City of Los Angeles. The neighborhood has frequently served as a filming location for both television and film productions. Musicians in various genres have also penned lyrics referring to the area throughout the years. Reseda has bounced back from not one, but two earthquakes, including the famous 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Dana’s Housekeeping serves Reseda from our San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley office, located in the heart of the neighborhood at 6934 Canby Avenue. This direct local access gives the area’s homeowners, property managers and realtors an extremely convenient way to make arrangements for customized housekeeping services that meet their unique requirements. Whether you have a one-time cleaning project or a recurring project that calls for regular or irregular scheduling, you’ll gain the same core benefits of our top-notch network. Choose from general cleaning specialists, deep-cleaning specialists or any mixture of the two. Or if you like, request special services not available from less extensive or established referral businesses. Whatever works best for you, we’ll support your choices with our trademark quality guarantee and commitment to affordability and customer satisfaction. Call our Reseda office today for a free estimate and consultation.