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The Source for Quality Housekeeping Referrals in Calabasas

Homeowners everywhere are familiar with the seemingly endless pressure to keep their residences neat and tidy. Two groups of professionals, property managers and realtors, also feel this pressure on a daily basis. Some of the people in these three groups manage to make do and cover their housekeeping chores on their own. However, even when they do find a way to get by, they often wish for a simpler, less stressful, more reliable way to meet their cleaning needs.

In the City of Calabasas and other locations throughout the Los Angeles region, Dana’s Housekeeping is the perfect choice for eliminating the stress of home upkeep and freeing up time for other activities. Since 1976, we’ve operated California’s most trusted network of verified and vetted housekeeping professionals. And with nearby local offices, we make it easy to pick options from this network and achieve your one-time or recurring cleaning goals. With over 5 million successful cleanings under our belt, we’re always ready to meet your needs at a price you can afford.

Homeowner Services

In today’s hectic world, very few people can take care of all their pressing responsibilities while still reserving enough time for friends, family and favored recreational activities. In fact, many homeowners feel constantly behind the eight ball when trying to keep up with even the basic tasks of maintaining a clean, orderly household environment. This problem has only been worsened by the increasing size of American homes, which are now larger on average than at any point in the past. Too often, single adults, couples and families must choose between performing necessary chores and taking the time to simply enjoy life.

If you have difficulty meeting your personal standards for household cleanliness, turn to the housekeeper referral experts at Dana’s Housekeeping. We specialize in matching homeowners from all walks of life with their ideal housekeeping professionals, no matter their specific cleaning needs. Depending on your needs, you can arrange for a one-time-only cleaning, regular general cleanings or regular deep cleanings that occur on your preferred schedule. We also go a step beyond the typical referral service by matching you with specialists whose expertise extends into additional areas such as eco-sensitive cleaning, room organization or organization of your entire household from top to bottom. We can also match you with providers who specialize in cleaning methods that reduce the risks for serious allergen exposure.

When you choose Dana’s Housekeeping, you’re choosing California’s single largest network of dedicated housekeeping professionals. In all cases, we funnel access to this network through our local offices. This means that homeowners in Calabasas are matched exclusively with providers from the area who have undergone our careful vetting process. Our ongoing relationships with these providers allows us to maximize the quality of service you receive while keeping your costs reasonable and affordable.

Property Manager Services

No one who successfully manages rental apartments, townhouses or homes can afford to skimp on regular housekeeping services. That’s because the presence or absence of these services can heavily affect the chances of finding suitable tenants, especially in highly competitive markets like the greater Los Angeles area. Still, property managers must also keep an eye on their bottom line and make sure that their housekeeping costs don’t exceed their budgets. This means that many managers simply can’t afford to maintain a regular housekeeping staff.

With the help of Dana’s Housekeeping, property managers can meet all of their essential housekeeping needs while keeping a firm grip on their related expenses. Our manager-oriented services make it easy to create a customized approach that allows you to find qualified providers throughout the year, make any needed staffing adjustments on the fly and completely eliminate absences due to illness or other issues. And since you’re not hiring a permanent staff, costs remain at a sustainable level.

Realtor Services

Housekeeping also plays a crucial role in the lives of realtors in Calabasas and other markets nationwide. This makes sense since, just like rental properties, homes and condominiums up for sale must be maintained in a manner that attracts interest from financially qualified people. In fact, given the purchase price of the typical home, the stakes for realtors are frequently even higher than for property managers. Unfortunately, budgetary pressures and the seemingly limited availability of reliable housekeepers can place a heavy strain on realtors’ resources.

In Calabasas, realtors can solve their housekeeping challenges with just one phone call by contacting the experts at Dana’s Housekeeping. With the benefit of our well-established provider network, you’ll discover that it’s easy to find qualified housekeepers who possess talents matching your specific needs. The list of available options includes housekeepers who specialize in general upkeep, as well as housekeepers who know how to handle deep cleanings, as well as unusual cleaning challenges and emergencies. You also have the freedom to expand your agenda to include important, non-cleaning-related objectives. One of our specialties is arranging staffing for the open houses that often play a critical role in the ability to identify suitable home buyers.

The Housekeeping Choice in Calabasas

Situated in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu and Los Angeles, Calabasas has deep roots in Southern California’s past and present. The past is represented, in part, by the Leonis Adobe, a structure that ranks among the oldest buildings in all of greater Los Angeles. In modern times, Calabasas acts as corporate headquarters for such well-known firms as Harbor Freight Tools and The Cheesecake Factory.

Dana’s Housekeeping proudly serves the City of Calabasas from our local San Fernando Valley/Santa Clarita Valley office in nearby Reseda. Through this office, we’ll help you make arrangements for housekeepers capable of meeting all of your pressing needs, whether you’re a homeowner, property manager or realtor. If you just need help with an immediate or short-term cleaning issue, schedule a one-time appointment with a suitable professional. On the other hand, if you have ongoing needs, you can create a regular weekly, monthly or customized schedule. Whichever arrangement you choose, you’ll always receive our rock-solid guarantee for quality and the quick resolution of any problems that arise. You’ll also experience the direct benefits of our unequaled dedication to affordability, flexibility and convenience. Call us today and find out exactly why Californians rely on Dana’s.