Everyone wants a beautiful home, and a big part of having a beautiful home is quality furniture. But as one would expect, life can get in the way. Kids spill things, animals shed hair and bring dirt, and even typical use leads to discoloration and staining. Before long, your upholstery is looking worse for wear.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Quality upholstery cleaning services can protect and preserve the original beauty of your furniture, helping it look great for years to come. There is no need to settle for anything less than beautiful for your home.

Not quite convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits upholstery cleaning can offer you.

You Can Breathe Easier

Upholstery cleaning is more than just stain removal. In addition to restoring the look of your upholstery, it also deep cleans it, removing dirt, dust, and dry contaminants from within the upholstery and padding. This is accomplished using special vacuums that are much stronger than your typical, household vacuums.

Also, professional cleaners have access to better and safer cleaning products than most homeowners do. This means that you can avoid breathing in toxic cleaning chemicals while still getting quality results.

You Benefit from Professional Knowledge

Going DIY will save you money—in theory, at least. However, if you do not know exactly what you are doing, the results could be disastrous, and much more expensive than having a professional clean your upholstery. Professional companies know exactly how to clean each type of fabric, ensuring that the wrong products will not be used and that no damage will be inflicted upon your furniture. When you compare the cost of cleaning to the cost of reupholstering or replacing your furniture, it is clear which choice is the better deal.

You Enjoy the Look of New Furniture without the Cost

Think about it: What makes your furniture feel old? It isn’t just that you have had it for a while; it is the way it looks. The colors aren’t as bright, there are stains that function as the mark of time, and you can even see where the fabric is becoming worn.

But quality upholstery cleaning service can turn back the time, making your furniture look like new and extending the durability of your upholstery. You might be surprised by what a difference it makes. Many homeowners give upholstery cleaning a try as a last-ditch effort to avoid buying new furniture, only to discover that it makes their home feel brand-new all over again.

You Can Feel—and Smell—the Difference

When we use our furniture day in and day out, we don’t always notice how the feel and smell has changed over time. So when you get your upholstery cleaned, you might be shocked by the difference. Furniture is great at holding onto smells, especially pet smells, and upholstery that is holding dirt and grime will take on a different texture. Once it has been cleaned, you will find that your whole house smells better and that your upholstery feels like it did the day you bought it.

Schedule Regular Upholstery Cleaning with Dana’s Housekeeping

To maximize the benefits of upholstery cleaning, it is best to have it performed on a regular basis. Luckily, you have our affordable, professional service available to you. Give us a call and we will send a member of our team over to get your furniture looking, feeling, and smelling like new.