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Irvine’s Choice for Housekeeping Referrals

Housekeeping is one of life’s unavoidable chores. This truth applies not only to homeowners, but also to the managers of rental property and realtors eager to sell their listed homes, townhomes and condominiums. However, not all homeowners, property managers and realtors have the same housekeeping needs. Just as importantly, not all housekeepers have the experience and skills required to perform all essential chores and tasks.

In the City of Irvine, you can take the guesswork out of housekeeping by relying on Dana’s Housekeeping, the industry leader in verified referrals for homeowners and real estate professionals. Since 1976, we’ve served as the region’s most comprehensive source for dedicated cleaning experts, as well as multi-talented providers capable of performing important non-cleaning tasks. In all cases, we guarantee the work performed by our network members and take all the steps needed to reduce the stress of arranging schedules and paying for the services you receive. With more than 5 million successful cleaning sessions under our belt, we continue to set the benchmark for housekeeping in Irvine, Orange County and all of Southern California.  

Homeowner Services

Housekeeping Services Irvine

Today, the square footage of the average American home has far surpassed the square footage found in previous eras. While there may be significant benefits to having a larger household, the increase in size also comes with one inevitable downside: more space to clean. And due to the rapid pace of modern life, even residents of smaller-than-average homes face considerable challenges finding enough time to perform all essential housecleaning tasks and chores. The same strains apply more or less to families with working parents and families with stay-at-home parents. Even single homeowners can find themselves overwhelmed by the need to balance busy lives with the desire for household cleanliness.

Instead of stressing about household upkeep, homeowners in the City of Irvine can turn to the experts at Dana’s Housekeeping. That’s because we maintain California’s most extensive referral network for qualified professional housekeepers. Through our local Orange County office, we can match you with area providers who specialize in just the type of services you need to keep your household in tip-top shape. If you only need assistance with general straightening and cleaning, we’ll connect you with a housekeeper who handles these basic chores. If you require more extensive cleaning services, or have needs that extend beyond cleaning to home organization or other tasks, we’ll connect you with providers who possess those particular skills. We can even connect you with eco-friendly cleaners who know how to work with allergy-sensitive households. And our pricing system ensures that you receive services at a reasonable cost.

Project Manager Services

Project Manager Services Irvine

One of the core tasks of property management is maintaining apartments and houses in condition that attracts positive attention from prospective renters. And to complete this task, you must have access to professional housekeepers who know how to work quickly and efficiently without cutting corners. Still, for many Irvine property managers, it makes no economic sense to employ a full-time housekeeping staff.

Let the referral specialists at Dana’s Housekeeping simplify your management to-do list with the industry’s biggest network of rental property housekeepers. If you have a small existing staff, we’ll connect you with providers who can augment your needs as required. You can also rely on our providers as your sole source for housekeeping assistance. In either case, we guarantee that you’ll only receive exemplary cleaning services, even on the tightest deadline. We’ll handle all scheduling and make sure that you never have to worry about keeping your properties in top condition.


Realtor Services

Realtor Housekeeping Services Irvine

Among their many pressing responsibilities, realtors must pay constant attention to the physical condition of their property listings. Inevitably, this means using the services of housekeepers to make sure that the interiors of listed homes are clean and tidy at all times. However, since realtors are not in the housekeeping business, they must find a reliable source for professional cleaning providers who know how to get the job done with a minimal need for oversight.


Instead of worrying about the quality of your freelance housekeeping options, let Dana’s Housekeeping take care of your needs with our full slate of realtor services. Through our network of verified providers in the Irvine area, we can make arrangements for services that precisely match the number of homes you have listed at any given time. We can also make sure that housekeepers working at each property have skills that match your current list of cleaning objectives. And we can do much more than supply you with cleaning assistance. In fact, we can connect you with providers capable of taking care of all sorts of responsibilities, including the complete staffing of your upcoming open houses.


The Housekeeping Source in the City of Irvine

Located in the heart of Orange County, the City of Irvine is one of the nation’s prime locations for semiconductor- and technology-related companies, as well as prominent representatives from a host of other industries. Businesses with offices in the immediate area include titans such as Western Digital, Blizzard Entertainment, Meade Instruments, Asics, the Mazda Motor Corporation, Kia Motors, Obsidian Entertainment, and Taco Bell. The city is also home to the main or satellite campuses of a number of colleges and universities, including the University of California Irvine, Pepperdine University, Concordia University and California State University Fullerton.
Dana’s Housekeeping serves Irvine and other Orange County communities from our local office in the nearby City of Orange. Our longstanding familiarity with the area gives us access to the county’s most complete network of housekeeping providers for private residences, rental properties and realty properties. Whether you want to establish a regular cleaning schedule or hire providers as-needed for specific jobs or times of year, we’ll help you find a suitable option for your situation. No matter what arrangements you make, we guarantee the quality of the work you receive and make sure to supply you with timely substitute providers in cases of illness or unanticipated scheduling conflicts. In addition, we further your convenience with our free estimates and choice of payment options. Contact us today to learn more, get an estimate or schedule your housekeeping provider(s).