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Brea’s Choice for Housekeeping Referrals

No matter who you are or where you live, housecleaning will eventually pop up on your list of required tasks. Some homeowners are happy to take on this responsibility. However, due to a lack of time or simple preference, many people would gladly shift their cleaning burden to a competent third-party provider. Similarly, professionals such as property managers and realtors, who must factor housekeeping among their many daily tasks, often have a pressing need for experienced, reliable housekeeping specialists.

In the City of Brea, homeowners and professionals alike can turn to Dana’s Housekeeping for their every cleaning-related need. Over the course of 40-plus years, we’ve served tens of thousands of Orange County and Southern California residents through our unique network of regional offices and local housekeeping experts. Whether you have short- or long-term cleaning needs, we’ll happily match you with seasoned providers who know how to achieve your desired goals. We stake our reputation on your satisfaction and our unbeatable blend of affordability and guaranteed reliability.

Services for Homeowners

Housekeeping Services Brea

In communities across America, the size of the average home has been increasing steadily for decades. This widespread increase in residential square footage has brought some important benefits to homeowners, including the ability to dedicate space to single-purpose rooms such as home offices, playrooms and nurseries. However, it has also brought one unavoidable burden: the need to cover more space during routine household cleaning. Unfortunately, while cleaning responsibilities in the home have increased, the time available to take care of these responsibilities has not. In fact, many homeowners now have less time than ever due to the hectic pace of modern life. And, quite frankly, even when homeowners have extra time, they may not want to spend it on cleaning and other chores.

Instead of spending precious hours of the day on household chores, residents of the City of Brea can contact the specialists at Dana’s Housekeeping. As California’s largest and oldest referral network for professional housekeepers, we maintain constant access to the state’s biggest pool of verified housekeeping experts. No matter what type of one-time or regularly scheduled job you have in mind, we can connect you with a local provider experienced with that particular kind of work.

Our extensive network includes housekeepers who specialize in general cleanings that restore basic order to your household. It also includes professionals who know how to perform deeper cleaning tasks, as well as experts who know how to perform advanced organizing tasks or adapt to the needs of family members suffering from chemical sensitivities. With just a few questions, we’ll identify the right type of housekeeper for you and your family. And regardless of your needs, we never forget to factor affordability into the equation.

Services for Project Managers

Project Manager Housekeeping Services Brea

All managers of rental property must deal with the need to keep their listed houses and apartments in a physical state that appeals to qualified potential tenants. Oftentimes, this means juggling between occupied, vacant and soon-to-be vacant properties, as well as juggling between periods that call for little or no housekeeping assistance and periods that call for lots of help. If you’re like a lot Brea property managers, this balancing act makes it difficult to maintain access to sufficient numbers of housekeepers without bearing unnecessary financial strain.

At Dana’s Housekeeping, we help you avoid this strain and maximize your housekeeping flexibility. Instead of worrying about adjusting the size of a permanent staff, you can take advantage of our industry-leading network of professional providers who specialize in the upkeep of rental properties. Whether you need to make seasonal adjustments to your existing staff or gain access to a reliable group of freelance housekeepers, we’ll make sure that you can meet your goals with an absolute minimum of stress and worry.


Services for Realtors

Realtor Housekeeping Services Brea

In addition to their many other job requirements, realtors must keep track of the physical upkeep of the properties they have for sale. A crucial part of this upkeep is the condition of each property’s interior. While it’s possible to handle this responsibility with untrained personnel, only experienced housekeeping professionals can reliably perform all necessary tasks and put property in its best light. However, the question remains: Where can you find experienced housekeepers who fit the specific cleaning needs of every property you have listed?

In Brea, the answer to all of your needs for realtor-oriented housekeeping services is Dana’s Housekeeping. With our deep bench of seasoned local providers, we can easily find a match for your cleaning needs, even as those needs shift over time. Whether you have five properties or 50 properties on your current list, we’ll connect you with enough housekeepers to accomplish your desired objectives. And unlike some other referral outfits, we make sure that all providers have the skill set required to perform top-quality work at each individual property. In addition, we can connect you with personnel to staff open houses and take care of other critical tasks not strictly related to housecleaning.



The Housekeeping Source in the City of Brea

Once noted as a center for oil production and citrus farms, the City of Brea is now known as a regional hub for retail shopping. In addition, the Orange County city of roughly 40,000 maintains a longstanding public arts program that now serves as a prime example for similar programs in other communities throughout the country. The list of prominent landmarks in Brea includes Brea Mall, the Brea Gallery, Carbon Canyon Regional Park, the Olinda Oil Museum, El Rodeo Equestrian Center and the Curtis Theatre.

Dana’s Housekeeping maintains its Orange County offices near Brea in the City of Orange. With over four decades of continuous operation, we’ve established ourselves as the city’s premier source for trustworthy housekeeping services for your private home, managed property and realty listings. At Dana’s, you have the freedom to make reliable arrangements that precisely suit your short- and long-term needs. If you have a schedule in mind for your required services, we’ll connect you with providers available to work regular hours. However, if you don’t have a set schedule and can’t predict exactly when you’ll require help, you don’t need to worry about any drop in quality. Under all circumstances, we maintain the same high standards and guarantee the work performed by members of our network. In addition, we offer a range of payment options that you can select based on your current needs and financial resources. Take advantage of our free estimate today.