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Upland’s Source for Trusted Housekeeping Referrals

Whether you live in sunny Southern California or other parts of the country, housekeepers are highly valued by busy homeowners real estate professionals and property managers. That’s because they help make life easier by taking care of a number of critically important, often overlooked residential tasks. Still, when searching for someone to handle cleaning and other jobs, you must keep in mind that not everyone providing services in your area has the same level of commitment to excellence and affordability.


In the City of Upland, the number one source in housekeeping referrals is Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service. For more than 40 years, we’ve provided Inland Empire West and the rest of Southern California with the highest standards in professionalism, convenience and price consciousness. In fact, down through the decades, the members of our statewide network have cleaned well over 5 million homes. We’ve built our business by closely matching our many clients with registered, locally available housekeepers who possess precisely the skills needed to get the job done. And we’re still going strong because, come what may, we put your cleaning and organizing agenda first on our list of priorities.

Services for Homeowners

In the 2010s, the average size of the American home has now grown larger than ever. Inevitably, this bump in house size translates into more rooms to clean and more time needed just to complete simple household tasks. Even in smaller homes, household cleaning can place a significant strain on your time and energy. This unfortunate fact is true for both stay-at-home parents and people who face these chores at the end of a long work day.


At Dana’s Housekeeping, our staff of referral experts take on the job of arranging your residential cleaning needs so you don’t have to. With our extended network of independent, registered housekeepers, we can make sure that the person hired to work in your home has exactly the skills required to handle your area(s) of need. The list of potential options includes everything from basic cleaning, laundry and dishwashing to deep cleaning, room organization and shopping. All you need to do is list your requirements and let us find the right professional for the job in your local area.


When you arrange your housekeeping through us, you gain the unique benefits of working with California’s largest and most well-established referral service. These benefits include affordable prices, unparalleled reliability and access to the best housekeeper/client matching system in the state. They also include company offices conveniently based in nearby communities and housekeepers who can fit their work hours into virtually any household schedule.  

Services for Property Managers

Property managers commonly depend on well-kept apartments and houses to impress potential renters. For this reason, reliable housekeeping services can play a crucial role in the ongoing task of filling available spaces with new tenants. Still, in order to keep your expenses under control, you probably want to avoid keeping cleaning staff on your payroll and hire help only when you need it for specific properties.


At Dana’s Housekeeping, we make it easy for you to keep your managed property in sound, visually appealing condition. Instead of incurring the expense of having a part- or full-time housekeeper on your regular staff, you can take advantage of our referral network and arrange for qualified cleaning at your convenience, even on short notice. Just like the services we provide for homeowners and realtors, the services we provide for property managers are fully guaranteed. This means that you’ll never have to worry about problems such as scheduling issues, poor performance or housekeepers who fail to arrive for work.

Services for Realtors

As a realtor, you face the daily task of keeping multiple occupied and unoccupied homes in condition that’s enticing enough to draw interest from buyers. If you fail in this task, you can end up substantially increasing the overall difficulty of your job. Despite this fact, you almost certainly don’t want burden your mind with recurring housekeeping-related concerns. You’d be much better off if you could leave this job in the hands of trustworthy professionals.


Let the experienced pros at Dana’s Housekeeping lighten your load with the very best in realty-oriented referral services. With our large network of local cleaning experts, it’s easy to arrange housekeeping for every property you have listed, including both occupied and unoccupied units. In turn, reliable housekeeping translates into peace of mind and an improved ability to attract qualified buyers to your offerings. You can supply each housekeeper you hire with a specific set of tasks to achieve, or leave everything up to your provider’s professional discretion. You can even find housekeepers capable of acting as temporary staff for your open houses.

The Housekeeping Choice in Upland

The City of Upland is situated in San Bernardino County in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. Originally prized for its agricultural output, it now forms part of the sprawling residential region known as the Inland Empire. Upland’s artistic and cultural highlights include Cooper Regional History Museum, the Upland Lemon Festival, the Euclid Avenue Bridle Path, sections of the historic highway Route 66 and a well-preserved downtown historic district.


From our home base in nearby San Dimas, Dana’s Housekeeping serves the city of Upland through one of many local offices situated across Inland Empire and the rest of the region. Our combination of local access and a region-wide presence keeps us in constant touch with a deep roster of skilled housekeepers who can handle any job on your upcoming agenda. Even when time is short or you need assistance from multiple providers, you’ll find that we make it easy to meet the staffing needs of your

private home, real estate listing or rental property.


Every time you arrange services through Dana’s, you receive our ironclad guarantee on the quality of the work you receive. You also receive a guarantee of timely housekeeper replacement in the event of sickness or any other unavoidable conflict. Combined with our reasonable pricing and multiple payment options, these assurances take the stress  out of keeping your property clean and tidy. Contact us today for a free estimate and find out why we’re Upland’s choice for quality housekeeping referrals.