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San Dimas’ Source for Trusted Housekeeping Referrals

Housekeepers often go overlooked in the hustle and bustle of today’s world. But the simple fact is, for many people, reliable cleaning professionals provide an invaluable service. Whether you’re a homeowner or work as a property manager or realtor, the tasks performed by a skilled housekeeper can make or break the success of your day. Still, without a frame of reference, you can’t always tell the difference between a true professional and someone who lacks the ability to get the job done. This means that you must have some way to verify the qualifications of anyone you intend to hire.


In the City of San Dimas and all of Southern California’s Inland Empire, the source for verified housekeeping expertise is Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service. Over more than four decades of continuous operation, our large, finely tuned referral system has matched tens of thousands of homeowners, property managers and realtors to local housekeeping experts. After a free consultation, we’ll connect you with a registered provider whose skills are suited to your specific needs. We’ll also take care of all the critical background details, including scheduling and billing. In the end, you receive the benefits of a dedicated housekeeper without any of the uncertainty that comes with hiring one on your own. And, in all cases, this peace of mind comes with the same core blend of guaranteed service, reliability and reasonable cost.

Homeowner Services

For decades, American homes have been gradually increasing in size. While this rise in square footage may reflect prosperity, it also adds to the amount of work required to keep a household in clean, tidy condition. Sadly, whether you work within or outside of the home environment, you may face recurring housekeeping tasks that test your patience and drain time away from recreational activities. The same fact holds true whether you live in a small or large dwelling.


No matter the size of your home, the referral specialists at Dana’s Housekeeping can help you keep things in order with a minimum of fuss and hassle. Through our well-developed network of housekeeping professionals in your local area, we can find just the right person to address your household’s needs and problem areas. For general cleaning, we’ll match you with a housekeeper who can take care of all sorts of basic chores. However, if you need more thorough or specific help, we’ll match you with someone who has more specialized skills such as deep cleaning, eco-sensitive cleaning or organizing and coordinating.  

While any referral service can tell you they put your home’s needs first, Dana’s Housekeeping lives up to this promise in all circumstances. Our position as the state’s largest referral agency gives us unique access to the  most qualified and experienced housekeeping providers. And since we maintain local offices throughout all of Southern California, we can quickly locate providers who fit both your household and scheduling requirements. As an added plus, our reasonable pricing structure keeps your housekeeping services within an affordable range.

Property Manager Services

To a large extent, property managers thrive or fail based on their ability to attract new tenants for vacant houses and apartments. Since potential tenants typically have high expectations when looking for a place to live, they can easily be discouraged by spaces left in poor condition. For this reason, an effective manager must have ready access to skilled housekeepers. However, as you may have learned in the past, it can hurt your bottom line to keep a housekeeper on staff at all times.


The property manager-oriented services at Dana’s Housekeeping help you keep your costs under control while still maintaining access to cleaning professionals who do excellent work even on short notice. The housekeepers we refer only work during the times you stipulate and at the locations you designate. We guarantee their arrival and departure times, as well as the quality of services you receive. You gain all of the benefits of an on-call staff without incurring any of the ongoing expense.

Realtor Services

Among your many responsibilities as a realtor, you must make sure that every property you list is maintained in presentable shape at all times. When a potential buyer comes calling, the last thing you need is a dirty or disordered appearance that produces a negative impression. For this reason, reliable access to qualified, trustworthy housekeepers can play a major role in your success.


At Dana’s Housekeeping, we have extensive experience accommodating realtors’ specific needs. Our referral network gives you ready access to professionals who can keep your unoccupied properties in show-ready conditions at all times. You get the same level of access to housekeepers comfortable working in occupied properties, as well. Through our matching service, you can even find experienced personnel capable of running open houses and performing other non-cleaning-related tasks.  

The Housekeeping Choice in San Dimas

San Dimas is located in far eastern Los Angeles County in the San Gabriel Valley. It sits directly south of its namesake San Dimas Canyon in the foothills of the nearby San Gabriel Mountains. Like several other cities in the Inland Empire region, San Dimas lies along the old route of famed Highway 66. Current attractions in the vibrant city of 33,000-plus include Raging Waters water park (one of the state’s biggest), Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park and the Pacific Railroad Museum. Residents gain the advantages of a metropolitan location while still retaining access to plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, including bike paths and multi-use trails for hiking and horseback riding.


Dana’s Housekeeping serves the City of San Dimas with a dedicated local office, one of many situated throughout the Inland Empire. Since 1976, we’ve supplied homeowners, property managers and realtors in the city and throughout Southern California with an exemplary combination of quality housekeeping, versatility and scheduling flexibility. Our services always include timely replacement of your housekeeper in emergency situations, quality guarantees on all provided work, and a payment system that helps keep your costs manageable. Call us today for more information and receive a free estimate for your needed services. We’ll show you exactly why we’re number one when it comes to housekeeping referral in San Dimas.