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Cleaning Services For Property Managers

Increase Your Property’s Marketability with Dana’s Housekeeping

Imagine having your rental property looking perfectly pristine and ready to hook potential renters — without you ever needing to lift a finger.  With Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service, it is entirely possible.  Our referral agency will connect you with the housekeepers you need to make certain every unit and rental property you own is showcase quality and move-in ready.  In operation since 1976, we have many property managers amongst our clientele, all of whom turn to us time after time to get their properties rental ready.  Make your job easier by contacting us at Dana’s Housekeeping.

Why Are Cleaning Services for Property Managers a Necessity?

The only way that the properties you own or manage can make money is by renting them.  Dirty units and properties are not going to entice renters to sign a contract.  Cleaning them yourself isn’t possible; you have too many other responsibilities.  However, it is rare to find a rental property with units that turn over frequently enough to justify retaining even a part-time housekeeper.  This leaves you with a problem, but we have the solution.

Here at Dana’s Housekeeping, we have cleaning services for homeowners available on an as-needed basis.  They take care of the dirty work for you, giving each property a deep and detailed cleaning that will leave potential renters feeling very impressed, and easily able to imagine themselves living in the space.  Once the job is done, you pay for the work and contact us again when you have another property in need of cleaning.  It makes the sales part of your job easier on you, and frees up your time to focus on other tasks.

How Can Dana’s Housekeeping Help You?

No matter what level of cleaning your property requires, we will make certain that you are able to obtain the service from a housekeeper who is capable and devoted to their job.  Our extensive network of housekeepers and cleaning services ensures that we always have someone available who can meet your needs and work within your schedule.  With us, you never need to worry about finding the perfect fit.

The detailed cleaning our housekeepers can provide ensures that your units will feel as though they have never been lived in.  When potential or new renters inspect the property, they will see that it is bright and clean — and ideal for turning into their new home.  Every inch of the property will be given the proper attention, leaving the space immaculate for the renter.  

What Makes Dana’s Housekeeping Special?

One of our qualities that is very important to our property manager clients is that our service is guaranteed.  This means that we promise that the results of our service will meet your expectations.  And if your scheduled housekeeper is sick or becomes unavailable, we will find a replacement and ensure that the task is still completed on time.

We are able to provide this guarantee due to the wide reach of our network.  We are the largest housekeeping referral agency network in California, and also one of the oldest in the area.  Our strong reputation allows us to attract the best housekeepers in the area, allowing us to always connect you with the very best in the business.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, commitment, and affordability.

We also allow you to have as much or as little input into the process as you desire.  If you would like to, you can provide the housekeeper with your own list of tasks to be completed and prioritize them as you see fit.  If you would prefer that the housekeeper take charge, the housekeeper will use his or her own discretion for addressing each unit.

Dana’s Housekeeping has a local office in your area, which makes it easy for us to find the right housekeeper for your needs.  We have local office managers who maintain relationships with the housekeepers they refer, allowing us to match your tasks to their abilities, your schedule to their availability, and at a rate easily within your budget.  We are certain that we have the housekeeper you need.

Contact Dana’s Housekeeping for Your Housekeeping Needs

We would be delighted to provide you with the service that your rental property deserves.  The housekeepers at Dana’s Housekeeping Personnel Service can help you quickly turn around your units, maintain the shared spaces, and increase the marketability of your property.  All you need to do to reap the benefits is contact us so we can learn about you and your needs.  We look forward to building our relationship with you.