Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service


Why Dana's Housekeeping Service is Better

Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service is the most requested network of independent domestic referral agencies in California, and one of the largest with local offices and staff who refer housekeeping professionals in your community, coordinating everything for our clients and housekeepers. . As independent service providers registered with Dana’s, our housekeepers are doing more than working a job, they're running their own business. As a result, they take pride in their work, and it shows in everything they do.

Dana's housekeepers provide personalized and reliable service to their clients . They work hard to determine what your priorities and preferences are, and then focus their efforts on meeting your needs and expectations. They also offer a wider variety of services from deep cleaning to special circumstance projects.

Because we have so many registered housekeepers around California, we're able to match you with someone in your area, even on short notice. Even same day or next day projects can be scheduled and completed within a timely manner. Our housekeepers are also able to work as a team to complete jobs more quickly and efficiently whenever necessary.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Dana's referred housekeepers are hardworking and willing to take care of all of your tasks - large or small - even exceeding standard household cleaning. Our domestic workers will deep clean your home from cupboards to appliances, and take on special projects such as organizing a closet or garage and handling both laundry and ironing as necessary. Our housekeepers will even go outside to clean patios and lawn furniture, and are available to run errands or meet with delivery or repair personnel on your behalf.

Dana's Housekeeping also offers services for special occasions, such as parties, and major projects like moving. Dana's domestic workers will help you during an event or handle the clean-up afterward, so you can enjoy your gathering instead of stressing. Our professional grade deep cleaning will ensure your home or apartment is perfectly clean either before you move into a new place or when leaving an old place.

Our housekeepers care about doing a good job and strive to always complete tasks according to your priority list. They pay attention to the little details and go the extra mile to ensure your home is clean and organized. They know that the proper way to clean is to start at the top and work their way down, because this ensures that any dust or debris that falls from a shelf or counter top will be found and cleaned up by the time the room is done. They also help maintain your appliances by keeping them clean and ready for use.

Many people are understandably cautious about employing a housekeeper. Letting someone into your home can feel like a real risk, but Dana's housekeepers are trustworthy and honest. Theft and breakage are rare, but when accidents happen, our housekeepers own up to their mistakes. In the unlikely event of a theft, we have you covered with an added layer of protection. While we are not responsible for theft or loss committed by our referred domestic workers, we back our referral with Dana's Guaranteed Referral Plan which will pay up to $3,000.00 per conviction, per incident. We are that sure of our housekeeper's integrity.

Considerate and Knowledgeable

You can count on our housekeepers to clean your house the way you want it done. Allergies and other environmental concerns are also a priority for them. They do not mix chemicals and will always use the cleaners you provide for them, unless otherwise requested. If you do ask them to bring a cleaner or other supplies, they will discuss the options with you, so you'll always be fully informed on what chemicals are being used in your home. They are familiar with a variety of cleaners and are able to use the right one in the right amount to complete the job safely and effectively. If you prefer your housekeeper to provide all of the products and cleaning equipment to perform the service, simply request this when contacting us.

Our referred domestic workers care about the job they do and the well-being of your home. When they notice little things out of place or identify a neglected project, they will resolve the issue themselves or bring their concerns to your attention so that nothing gets missed. Our housekeepers go the extra mile with indoor or outdoor projects. This includes organizing closets or cleaning out the garage. These are projects most housekeepers won't touch or would charge extra to do. Since payment is based on an hourly rate , the nature of the project doesn't matter, as long as you designate it as a priority and discuss the results you expect.

Punctual and Guaranteed

Dana's Housekeepers are loyal to their clients and reliable in providing scheduled services on time and efficiently. They do not cancel at the last minute, and if they ever can't make an appointment due to an illness or a personal emergency, your local Dana's manager will contact you and arrange a substitute housekeeper for you. This same principle also applies to changes in your schedule. Whether your usual housekeeper is available or not, Dana's will find someone to fulfill your house care needs whenever it’s most convenient for you. We have housekeepers available seven days a week, and access to professional housekeepers with experience in a variety of tasks, so you'll always have someone with the expertise and availability you need.

Dana’s Housekeepers provide Hassle-free Assistance

Our full-service house management lets you leave your home knowing it’s in good hands. The flexibility of working with Dana's Housekeeping Personnel Service makes it easy for our clients to request the domestic support they need when they need it for a variety of projects. Regardless of the project or how regularly you require a cleaning service, we've got the experienced, professional domestic worker to meet your needs. Our website makes it easy to find your local office , request a quote, and schedule a housekeeper when you need one.